Ekaterinburg Koltsovo

Ekaterinburg, Russia

About The Airport

This international airport in central Russia has 2 interconnected passenger terminals - A (Domestic) and B (International) - as well as a separate VIP terminal. It serves Ekaterinburg, the 4th largest city in Russia. A main gateway to business hubs Siberia and Ural, Koltsovo Airport is also located near the Trans-Siberian Railway. Although the airport is modern, it offers only a small choice of shopping and eating options.


Free Wi-Fi available around the departure gates. Reports say the service autoplays adverts and can also be unreliable, so head to a Priority Pass lounge to browse online in comfort.

Getting to and from the airport

The airport is 16km from downtown Ekaterinburg.

Taxi - metered taxis are available around the clock.

Bus - a bus runs between the airport, Koltsovo railway station and Ekaterinburg central station. There's also a minibus service to and from downtown Ekaterinburg.

Train - the Koltsovo Express goes from the airport to Ekaterinburg central station - the journey takes around 40 minutes. However, it only runs twice a day, so check times before travelling.

Car rental - you'll find 2 car rental desks in the Arrivals hall.

Hotel shuttle - a 24-hour shuttle connects passengers with the Liner Hotel, though the distance can also be walked in a few minutes. Facilities include a beauty parlor and a massage salon.

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There are short-term parking lots opposite Terminals A and B - the first 15 minutes are free, and payment is made at machines in the terminal buildings. The long-term parking lot is by the Novokoltsovsky motorway. There's also a free parking are located on the right of the Koltsovo motorway.

Transit and in-airport hotels

Transfer arrangements are straightforward, as both the Domestic and International terminals are connected to each other.

The Angelo Airport Hotel is linked to the airport building by covered walkway. It has a fitness center with a terrace view.

Healthy Travel Tip

Avoid drinking tap water in Russia - bottled water is widely available. Ask for drinks without ice, and opt for cooked meals instead of salads that may have been washed using tap water.

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