Airport Takeout FAQs

I can’t see the Airport Takeout dining options?
This service is currently only available in 15 airports across the US and UK. The full list is available on the Airport Takeout page under the ‘More’ tab in the app. To see the dining options in each airport, you will need to be signed in and using the English version of the app. Also, as we’re beta testing this service, only a limited number of Members will have access to Airport Takeout.

What is Grab?
Our Airport Takeout service is powered by Grab, a mobile food ordering platform created specifically to help simplify the airport experience.

When should I place my order?
Before placing your order, you’ll be given an expected pick up time. You should only confirm your order if you are able to arrive at the restaurant within the given timeframe.

Can I place an order on my way to the airport/after landing?
We would recommend against ordering unless you are inside the terminal building. As customers are unable to choose their own collection time, you will need to be at the restaurant within the given timeframe.

Can I cancel an order?
Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. This is because the restaurant will start preparation immediately.

How do I contact the restaurant about dietary requirements?
When adding an item to your basket, there will be a section called ‘Special Requests’ where you can list any dietary requirements or allergies that you have.

How will I know when my order is ready?
You should receive an SMS once your order has been received and another when it’s ready for pick up. If you haven’t, go to the collection point and ask a team member about your order.

Will the SMS work even if my phone isn’t on roaming?
You will only receive an SMS if you have connectivity. However, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can track the progress of your order within the Airport Takeout application via the Priority Pass app.

How can I find the restaurant?
After placing your order, you should see a map at the bottom of the page. Use this to navigate to your chosen restaurant.

Where do I pick up my order?
Most restaurants will have signage indicating the pick-up location for mobile orders. This is where you’ll collect your order, with no need to wait in line. If there are no signs at your chosen restaurant, speak to a member of staff.

Do I need any I.D. to collect my order?
Some restaurants may require you to provide either your boarding pass or photo I.D. Please come prepared with one of these in case.

Can I take my food into a lounge?
Each lounge operates their own policy, however in most cases food purchased outside cannot be brought into a lounge.

What if my food isn’t ready when it said it would be?
Please contact us via this email address , so we can resolve this issue for you:

Why is the Airport Takeout app asking to use my camera?
For easy payment, the app can use the camera on your device to scan your payment card and retrieve the card details for a one-time payment. The card details will not be stored in the app so you will need to repeat the process for each takeout order. Alternatively this information can be entered manually.

Can I see my past orders?
To see your past orders, you will need to click on the Airport Takeout banner within the Priority Pass app to load the service. Once in the service, click on ‘My Orders’ in the navigation bar on the bottom right.

I have an issue with my order. Who can I contact?
If you have any enquiries, please email for assistance. Please note that as this service is provided by Grab and our Membership Services team are unable to assist with any takeout queries.