From Courtside to Airside: Professional Tennis Pros Will Now Have
Access to Seamless, Premium Airport Experiences Thanks to Priority Pass Memberships

The Professional Tennis Players Association partnership with Priority Pass – via Winners Alliance – bolsters the mission to help alleviate travel burdens of pro tennis players

The Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), global advocates for professional tennis players, today announced Priority Pass as an official partner. This marks a significant step in supporting the travel needs of players worldwide who have a desire to decompress during their rigorous travel schedules.

This announcement comes on the heels of a global survey recently commissioned by Priority Pass that shows 53 percent of travelers say visiting an airport lounge has improved their ability to switch off and relax during their travels.

Facilitated by the PTPA’s for-profit affiliate Winners Alliance, the partnership grants hundreds of professional tennis players complimentary Priority Pass Prestige memberships – which includes the most comprehensive benefits of the three membership tiers to maximize comfort. Priority Pass Prestige membership includes:

  • Lounge access that provides a sanctuary of peace and quiet, away from the bustle of the airport so players can recharge between tournaments

  • Complimentary food and beverages, including access to healthy dining throughout the day with wellness in mind

  • Access to lounge alternatives including sleeping pods*, pre-flight spa treatments* and restaurant experiences* (*At select airports)

“Priority Pass is a thoughtful and natural addition to our growing family of PTPA partners given the rigorous travel schedules for professional tennis players,” said Vasek Pospisil, PTPA Executive Committee member. “We’re always looking for ways to make our travels more comfortable, and we’re grateful that Priority Pass is committed to supporting players in our day-to-day lives.”

Priority Pass, renowned as the world’s leading provider of airport lounges and experiences, boasts 1500+ airport lounges and experiences in over 700 cities and 145 countries. A transformative brand founded in 1992 and continuing to grow to this day, Priority Pass has been providing frequent travelers with award-winning independent airport lounge access worldwide. With the professional tennis tour spanning 30 countries over 11 months, players who face one of the most demanding travel schedules in all of professional sports now have access to seamless, premium airport experiences across the globe.

"Priority Pass is proud to partner with the Professional Tennis Players Association enabling us to directly impact players and their overall travel experience,” said Sheryl Pflaum, President, Collinson Americas (operator of Priority Pass). “These athletes deserve to travel with ease of mind and comfort thereby empowering them to play at their highest level. This meaningful partnership allows players at all levels equitable access to the full benefits of our program, thus enhancing the growth of their careers."

Ahmad Nassar, PTPA Executive Director, stated, “The PTPA’s partnership with Priority Pass is another strategic step in supporting professional tennis players worldwide through new benefits, services, and opportunities. World-class athletes deserve world-class support, and we know Priority Pass will provide players with added comfort and convenience during their travels.”

Added Eric Winston, President of Winners Alliance: “We are dedicated to creating opportunities that enhance the lives of professional athletes. This partnership with Priority Pass aligns with our mission, providing a tangible and valuable benefit to our members as they crisscross the globe in pursuit of their athletic dreams.”

The PTPA, through Winners Alliance, has strategically crafted this partnership to address the unique challenges players encounter, aligning with its broader mission of creating an equitable and sustainable competitive environment.