Brussels, Belgium

About The Airport

All facilities are under one roof at this single-terminal airport, which is the main facility for Belgium and is sometimes referred to as Zaventem. Arrivals is on level 2, and Departures is on level 3. At Departures, Pier A serves mainly Schengen Area destinations (a group of 26 EU countries that have relaxed passport checks for travel to and from other Schengen countries), while Pier B is for non-Schengen flights. The Connector building links the two piers, allowing easy passage from the Check-in area to the gates.


Free unlimited Wi-Fi is available at the airport.

Getting to and from the airport

The airport is 12km from downtown Brussels.

Taxi - metered taxis are available outside Arrivals. Travelers are advised to opt for licensed taxis that can be recognised by their blue-and-yellow emblems.

Bus - the airport bus station is on level 0. A number of different routes run to downtown Brussels and a range of destinations in the surrounding region.

Train - there's a railway station on level -1. Trains run to Brussels Central and other major cities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Hotel shuttle - most nearby hotels provide free shuttle buses. They leave and arrive at the coach park, level 0, platform E.

Car rental - you'll find the desks of half a dozen car rental agencies in the Arrivals hall.

Limousine - these can be booked 24 hours in advance and companies are recommended on the airport's website.

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There's a wide range of parking facilities at Brussels including a free drop-off area near the bus station, parking lots within walking distance of the terminal building, and long-term lots that are served by 24/7 courtesy shuttle buses. These shuttle buses take around 10 minutes to go to the terminal, and you shouldn't need to wait more than 15 minutes for one, even at night. As there are so many options, some travelers have reported the facilities to be a little confusing.

Transit and in-airport hotels

Transit arrangements are straightforward at this single-terminal airport. Passengers arriving at Gates B80 to B98 with a connection at T gates can take a short shuttle bus ride (from B93) to avoid the walk and vice versa.

There are no hotels inside the terminal building, though the Sheraton Hotel is directly opposite and offers day rooms as well as overnight accommodation.


Healthy Travel Tip

Airport cabins are very dry places - with many reaching just 12% humidity, they are drier than most deserts. Alcohol can cause further dehydration, so if you're going to indulge in some of Belgium's famous beer, sip plenty of water during the flight.

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