Busan Gimhae International

Busan, South Korea

About The Airport

Although Gimhae International Airport is modern and airy, shopping and eating facilities are fairly basic. The airport for South Korea's second biggest city has 2 terminals next to each other - Domestic and International.


Free Wi-Fi is available at the airport.

Getting to and from the airport

Gimhae International Airport is 12km from downtown Busan.

Taxi - you'll find metered taxis for hire in the ground transportation area.

Bus - buses run from both terminals. In the International Terminal, the Information Desk can assist you. The Domestic Terminal has a bus office if you need help finding a suitable connection.

Train - The Busan Gimhae Light Rail service runs between the airport and stations on Metro lines 2 and 3.

Hotel shuttle - free transfers are available to the Airport Hotel, which is the closest hotel to the airport and is just 3 minute ride away.

Car rental - car rental desks are in the Domestic Terminal.


There are parking lots for both the Domestic and International Terminals, and long-term parking opposite the International Freight Terminal.

Transit and in-airport hotels

The terminals are linked by a free shuttle which runs between the car park, the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal from 05:50 till 22:40.

There are no in-airport hotels.

Healthy Travel Tip

Going on a long flight? Swap your contact lenses for glasses to make sure the dry air in the airplane cabin doesn't irritate your eyes.

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