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San Salvador, El Salvador

About The Airport

This modern single-terminal airport is the busiest in El Salvador and one of the busiest in Central America. Known locally as Comalapa International, this airport serves the capital San Salvador and is located near the coast and many popular beaches. It's the main hub for Avianca Airlines and is currently undergoing expansion works until 2022 to add more gates and airport parking spaces. Facilities are well-kept but limited.


The airport offers free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes.

Getting to and from the airport

The airport is around 50km from downtown San Salvador.

Taxi - taxis are available on the Arrivals level. For a local experience, you can take a much cheaper, shared minibus (known as a colectivo) - but reports suggest these can get very busy and cramped.

Bus - local bus services run from the airport to central San Salvador and Comalapa. The bus stop is on the main road opposite the airport terminal, behind the parking lot.

Hotel shuttle - there's a courtesy shuttle to the nearby Quality Hotel Real Aeropuerto.

Car rental - you'll find a dozen or so car rental companies in the Arrivals hall. Exercise caution as a tourist driver - pedestrians will often walk across the roads without notice.


Both short- and long-term parking lots are available.

Transit and in-airport hotels

Transit arrangements are straightforward in this single-terminal airport.

There is no hotel in the building.

Healthy Travel Tip

Going on a long flight? Swap your contact lenses for glasses to make sure the dry air in the airplane cabin doesn't irritate your eyes.

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