Airport Lounges: your oasis in the service desert

As a frequent Traveller, it's unlikely that you'll have missed the changes occurring with airlines, moving from being service-driven to price-driven. It is hard to imagine it now, but there was once a time when airlines were pretty much guaranteed profits before deregulation took hold. They competed on service and there was no urgency to cut costs. Competition was about simply delivering the best experience in the skies. Flying meant status.  Status meant an unrivaled level of service.  It was a very different world.

Today’s status passengers are confined to paying the top tier prices of Business or First Class, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Passengers can enjoy a level of comfort and service not normally found elsewhere, simply by becoming an airport lounge member, without paying over the odds for their flight seat. Becoming a Priority Pass member means you can gain instant access to lounges regardless of the class of your ticket.

There is only one class for Priority Pass members: Lounge Class.

Priority Pass turns the airport experience from endurance into an indulgence

The airport experience for the many Travellers is one of crowded terminals, outrageous prices and poor conveniences, a stressful environment for people to endure. Airport lounges give you a chance to escape from all of that; a sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and re-energize whilst staying connected to the outside world. Whether it’s somewhere to work before you travel or a welcome respite and refreshing shower during a long haul stopover, airport lounges provide everything you need to meet your needs in style and comfort.

Airports are modernizing and some of the largest in the world are the most technologically equipped to date, with innovative designs and brand new amenities. Airport lounges have become the standout feature of many of today’s modern terminals. Some are affiliated with specific airlines but the majority are open to any passengers with a Priority Pass membership, and the list keeps growing. Access is no longer based on your status with an airline; everyone has the opportunity to escape the stress and crowds of an airport.

Benefits of Priority Pass

Plug in, stay connected, dial into your meeting, go to a spa, or simply relax and unwind with your favourite drink in hand – Priority Pass members have the opportunity to choose and the flexibility to do as they please, this level of comfort isn’t usually to be found anywhere else within an airport. Just like the good old days of air travel.  Only this time you don’t even have to leave the ground.

With over 1,400+ airport lounges worldwide, your lounge choices are global and abundant.