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Prepare your mind and body for switch off and thank us later

Travel opens the gateway to uncharted experiences, whether it's venturing to a fresh holiday haven, securing a significant business agreement, or embracing distant loved ones. Elevating your travel venture involves intertwining it with relaxation and positivity.

Through Priority Pass, you can unlock a whole new world of relaxation, ensuring your journey begins with a sigh of relief. Before we delve into how we can help you switch off, let's embark on a journey of understanding how serenity sparks positivity, crafting a fulfilling travel experience.

Start Strong: Embrace Positivity Pre-Travel

We've all been there. The months of preparation, the meticulous lists that seem to spawn more lists, and the quest to ensure you have every essential tucked away, no matter how unessential they might appear at the time. And yes, the destination awaiting you might unfold into a breathtaking experience once you touch down. Yet, there's a certain dance of anticipation and stress that accompanies the journey's lead-up. This is completely normal — after all, things often become clearer in hindsight. But have you ever thought about changing this mindset to improve your overall travel experience?

Picture this: What if you could gently reshape your mindset? What if you could infuse your travel experience with a more optimistic hue? Imagine putting your mental well-being at the forefront, even during this so-called 'stressful' phase of the adventure. It's not just about making the most of your travel experience; your attitude and mindset can even positively affect your physical health, as supported by studies cited by PsychCentral.

So, before your journey resumes, how can you exchange that cloak of negativity for one woven with threads of relaxation, open-mindedness, and optimism? Yes, Priority Pass gives you access to 1,400+ airport lounges, that’s not all - members who have purchased their membership directly from PriorityPass.com are entitled to complimentary access to WithU. An audio fitness app, that offers a variety of wellbeing sessions, including meditation, yoga, and breathwork. These sessions can help you to calm your mind, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Remember, it’s not just about the distance you cover, but the soul-stirring transformation it can inspire within you. By taking advantage of the benefits of Priority Pass and WithU, you can embrace positivity before your next trip and set yourself up for a truly transformative experience.

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Use Relaxation To Get You There

If you're seeking a way to ease into this mindset, look no further than Priority Pass. Our Be Relax spas are conveniently located in airports spanning from Los Angeles to Dubai and everywhere in between. With us, you can turn stress into sighs of relief, and bustling airport terminals into serene sanctuaries.

Choose from a diverse array of treatments, massages, and massage chairs – relaxation is just a tap away. Embrace the art of unwinding, stealing a few moments of tranquillity that can effortlessly transform any doubts or worries into deep, calming breaths and fresh perspectives.

Here's the thing: the notion that being 'relaxed' impedes productivity is a common misconception. While it's true that you might feel so at ease that a quick nap seems tempting (and you can absolutely take that power nap), The New York Times highlights a contrary viewpoint. According to the article, the more you put effort into quietening your mind and relaxing your body, the more restored you feel and the more likely you are to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

Imagine this scenario: You have an upcoming work trip with considerable pressure on your shoulders. You're confident in your abilities, but stress still lingers, and there are a few more notes to review before the pivotal meeting. As a Priority Pass Member, why not explore one of our spa treatments? Witness how productivity effortlessly flows from within you.

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Your Intro to Travel Enrichment

That being said, your reason for travelling doesn’t have to involve signing a big business deal. You could be on a family vacation exploring a new part of the world together. Perhaps you’re reuniting with a loved one who you can’t wait to greet with open arms at the terminal. On the other hand, you might be embarking on a solo expedition, savouring that well-deserved me-time.

Regardless of your motivation, you’re looking for a stepping stone to an enriched and enhanced journey ahead. Perhaps, for you, getting in the correct headspace doesn’t involve a spa treatment.

Well, you can swap out the massage chair for a gaming one. At our Game Space and Gameway lounges, you get to discover a lively oasis to unwind and fully embrace your gaming passion at 40 purpose-built gaming stations. There’s nothing quite like that content sigh that comes with soaking up an activity you love.

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A Fresh Perspective Awaits You?

Your travel experience goes beyond the physical journey itself; it encompasses a mindset of positivity and relaxation that can significantly impact your overall well-being. The anticipation and stress that often accompany travel preparations are natural, but reframing your mindset can lead to a more fulfilling adventure.

Priority Pass offers a gateway to this transformed travel experience through its Be Relax spas and Sleep ‘n Fly lounge and showers located in various airports worldwide.

Let’s start with the spas, shall we? The spas provide a haven of relaxation amidst the bustling terminals, offering a diverse range of treatments that can turn stress into relief and doubts into fresh perspectives.

Your spa treatment may leave you feeling a little sleepy or maybe your trip has taken it out of you, even if you’re just looking for an excuse for a nap, we have our Sleep ‘n Fly lounges and showers for that. Nothing clears the mind more than a snooze and a quick freshen-up.

Our membership benefits transcend their roles to become a pivotal part of the journey itself. By embracing relaxation and adopting a positive mindset from the outset, you can unlock a world of travel experiences that leave lasting memories and lasting benefits for your mind and body.

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