Opening Hours

24 hours daily


Bogota El Dorado Intl, Terminal 1

Airside - Gate A13, near to ZONA R (main Food Court). International and in transit flights only.


1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to use a Wait N' Rest for a maximum 2 hour stay. 1 Wait N' Rest usage represents a single lounge visit within the Cardholder’s existing lounge visit allocation for which the Cardholder will, where applicable, be charged. For example, if a Cardholder registers 1 Guest they will be charged as 1 Cardholder visit + 1 Guest visit on their account. 2. Cardholder can register only one guest. 3. The Cardholder is responsible for any additional charges incurred. Wait N' Rest may ask Cardholders to present a payment card for incidentals at the time of check-in. 4. Each Wait N' Rest room is equipped with self control temperature, soundproof walls, control lights, Wi-fi, luggage storage, complementary blankets and access to flight information updates from your room´s touchscreen. 5. Wait N' Rest usage is subject to availability.

Additional Information

Wait N' Rest offers the smartest and most modern sleeping pods for airports.


Disabled Access
Disabled Access
No Smoking
No Smoking
Air conditioning
Air Conditioning
Flight Information Monitor
Flight Information
Digital Card Accepted