Opening Hours

09:00 - 21:00 daily Note: Be Back 15-minute Massage plus O2 (a US$38 value) Be Back 30-minute Massage (a US$38 value) Polish Change plus Hand Massage (a US$38 value) Be Feet on lounger 10-minute plus O2 (a US$44 value)


New York NY JFK International, Terminal 1

Airside - Be Relax is located near Gate 5. International and in transit flights only. Please note that the spa may exceed their capacity at certain times of the day & access to the spa is at their sole discretion. IMPORTANT NOTE: For Cardholders who pay for individual visits or guest visits, please check this particular offer against your visit fee to ensure it represents value for you. We advise Cardholders to review full Conditions of access below before visiting.


1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to take advantage of one of the following options: Be Back 15-minute Massage plus O2 (a US$38 value); Be Back 30-minute Massage (a US$38 value); Polish Change plus Hand Massage (a US$38 value); Be Feet on lounger 10-minute plus O2 (a US$44 value). Each treatment represents a single lounge visit within the Cardholders existing lounge visit allocation for which the Cardholder will, where applicable, be charged. For example, if a Cardholder registers 1 Guest they will be charged as 1 Cardholder visit + 1 Guest visit on their account. Only 1 card per visit per Cardholder will be accepted and at point of registration. To be eligible, Cardholders must present a valid Card and Boarding Pass with confirmed same-day travel before selecting a treatment. 2. Cardholder is responsible for all additional charges incurred. 3. Be Relax usage is subject to availability. 4. Priority Pass and its Affiliates Companies shall not be liable should the offer value be less than Customers lounge visit entitlement. Customers who pay for lounge and visits are advised to review programme Conditions of Use prior to accessing the offer.

Additional Information

Complimentary glass of filtered water only.


Disabled Access
Disabled Access
No Smoking
No Smoking
Air conditioning
Air Conditioning
Digital Card Accepted