Travel Hacks for your next vacation

Summer is upon us and if you are preparing to travel and jet off to any distant and dreamy locations, we have a few tips to help you prepare. Whether your destination is a weekend trip across the border with your partner, a relaxing coastal adventure with family or an adrenaline fuelled trip to the mountains with your friends - comfortable travel is not difficult to achieve. All you need is a bit of creativity, some adaptability, and lots of effective self-organisation. Here are our favourite essential travel tips and hacks to make sure your journey is turbulence free.


No one wants to greet a customs officer without the correct paperwork. We recommend you research your destination and the entry regulations required ahead of time so you can prepare in the case that your passport needs to be renewed or if VISAs and other travel documents are necessary. We also encourage you to check your travel insurance; research your coverage and review any limitations and guidelines. Depending on your residence, our preferred option is Columbus, part of Collinson Group, the parent company of Priority Pass.

Lean into digital revolution and ditch your wallet. Using online banking means you don’t have to keep track of currency exchanges and there is a lower chance of theft, after all its difficult to pickpocket a wallet online, even if you are staring at the Sagrada Familia with your bag unzipped. A key tip is to upload all files and tickets on your phone, we suggest also taking photos of all vital document’s (passports, licenses, travel insurance etc) and emailing them to yourself so that on the off chance anything goes missing you still have access to them online. Another tip worth mentioning, is to download maps for your travel, the Maps.Me app allows you to access maps offline on the go, which is ideal for those off the map areas with insufficient signal. Be sure you download the Priority Pass app to use your Digital Membership Card for contactless entry and access to exclusive benefits, exclusively available in the app.

Your phone, passport, and other essentials, such as medication, should be packed in your carry-on, along with some emergency supplies. While hoping for the best, be prepared for the worst. We all know someone who has arrived at their destination only to discover that their luggage hasn't. Bring a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and a few other basics to tide you over until your luggage does arrive.

If you are prone to motion sickness avoid the early-morning holiday cocktail at the airport bar and instead, pack some of these necessities. Bring an eye mask to block out the bright cabin lights and a pair of compression socks to prevent discomfort and swelling on long flights; don’t forget to take a few short walks up and down the aisle to improve blood flow and circulation. Additionally, we suggest packing travel bands to aid with motion sickness and anti-sickness medication that contains ginger, to help with nausea, so we also recommend going for the ginger ale on board too. These pills are chewy and help to pressurise your ears on take-off and landing. Additionally, visit one of our Priority Pass lounges for complimentary food and beverages to help you relax and ensure that your body is properly fuelled before your departure.


With today’s tighter limitations on the amount of luggage we can bring, here's a cheeky viral idea to avoid feeling restricted and paying extra baggage fees; take a pillowcase, remove the pillow, and then fill the case with softer clothing, such as sweaters and t-shirts, to give yourself an extra carry on. A safer solution is to grab a bag at duty free and transfer some items into it and voila, an extra carry on. Both are risky but if they succeed, it’s worthwhile.

Let’s be honest the quicker and easier it is to drop your bags and get through security, the better, especially when you’re travelling on an early morning flight. One well-kept airport secret is twilight bag drop. Many airlines allow you to drop your bag the night before between 4-9pm meaning you have to spend less time queuing in the early morning and you can allow for more time exploring the airport, scouring the duty-free shopping, and relaxing pre-flight in one of our Priority Pass lounges. Don’t waste time stressing about parking or taxis on the day of travel, with the ‘travel services’ tab on the Priority Pass app, you can organise and pre order travel to and from the airport, what a relief!

Finally, read a few blogs ahead of time to help you plan your vacation itinerary and find out what other travellers' thought was worth seeing. We typically use Instagram to share photos and stories from our travels with friends and family (and to make those at home envious). However, we also recommend utilising it to follow travel bloggers, relevant hashtags, or the geolocation of your destination - there is nothing worse than returning from the perfect trip and seeing someone write about a place you hadn't been - that's true travel envy! Social media is a trustworthy source for first-hand travel ideas, local events or activities, culinary recommendations, and inspiring you to visit or do things you may not have considered previously. Explore your chosen destination from all angles and uncover all the hidden gems it has to offer.