London Gatwick

London, United Kingdom

About The Airport

The UK's second biggest airport is well connected to London and the South East. It has 2 terminals, linked by a super-fast shuttle.
There are three lounge and experiences in the North Terminal and three in the South one. 

Options in the North Terminal include: My Lounge, No1 Lounge, Gatwick and Club Aspire Lounge.
Options in the South Terminal include: Grain Store Cafe & Bar, No1 Lounge, Gatwick and Club Aspire Lounge.
In addition, there is Collinson COVID testing centre offering 20% discount with code PRIORITY20.


Free Wi-Fi for 90 minutes.

Getting to and from the airport

Gatwick is 44km from central London.

Taxi - there are taxi ranks outside both terminals. You can also book a taxi from the kiosks in the terminals.

Bus - National Express Coaches run to central London once an hour from both terminals. EasyBus, a low-cost bus service, runs between Gatwick and west London. Bus stops are outside the North terminal. National Express also runs a shuttle between London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports.

Train - premium train service Gatwick Express runs every 15 minutes and takes 30 minutes to get to Victoria station in central London. Other train services run 4 times an hour and take between 30 and 45 minutes to get to various central London destinations. The airport station is at the South Terminal.

Hotel shuttle - the Gatwick Airport Hotel Transfer Service runs between local hotels and both terminals. It goes from outside North and South Terminals Arrivals.

Car rental - car hire is available from both Arrivals halls, and access is easy and quick between terminals, so you have a wide choice. Some companies may not drop the car off at the terminal, so make sure you check this before you book.

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Short-stay and long-stay parking is available at both terminals, with options including premium parking close to the terminal and valet parking available when flying from either terminal.

Transit and in-airport hotels

The North Terminal and South Terminal are connected by a driverless electric train. The shuttle runs every few minutes, 24/7, and takes 2 minutes.

Bloc Hotel is close to departures, and YOTELAIR sleep cabins are available in the Arrivals hall.


Healthy Travel Tip

Traffic can be heavy in London, especially at peak travel times. Take some of the stress out of travelling and give yourself plenty of time to get to Gatwick if you're going by car.

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