在Priority Pass,我们非常重视会员的满意程度,我们经常得到反馈。下面是部分去年的最佳评语。

"Buying the membership is one of the best travel related decisions I have ever made."
Richard Archer, Hong Kong.

"I have been Hong Kong Plaza Premium Airport Lounge and Tokyo IASS Airport lounge last week, their facilities are great, Thanks Priority Pass to provide such excellent membership services!"
Takuya, Japan

"I am a physician and have never heard about airport lounges until my colleague invited me to it. I joined Priority Pass from that day. I can’t imagine without it."
Cecelia, Beijing

"The internet access service was great, I can prepare my presentation in this quiet airport lounge before boarding."
Ajay, New Delhi

"Enjoy sharing this with my friends. Cheers."
Kee Won, South Korea

"A trip should start with airport lounge!!"
Ueki, Tokyo

"I couldn't do without it"
Antonia Brotchie, London

"I travel by myself all over the world and knowing that I have a 'haven' where I can escape/take a shower/leave my belongings/chill out/feel safe/and get needed assistance is invaluable."
Barbara Pomeroy Moseley, Petersburg, USA

"When you are constantly travelling and departure times are not always achieved, it is really good to have access to comfortable lounges where you can have something to eat and drink in relative comfort and in a more relaxed fashion."
Brian Fleet, Chester, UK

"I travel on business each month to the US. It helps relax me for the long flight ahead."
Diana Booth, Reading, UK

"Counter-balances the chaotic mess that is airline travel today."
Mr. Fred Vanderbilt

"The chance to be away from the crowds. I have traveled 223 days last year and being in a lounge during long hours of waiting time makes a BIG difference, especially if I have to work."
G.T.B, Switzerland

"Have time to think and do what I need to do especially if on business trip. Not surrounded by too many people which is always a good thing."
Mr. Dolan Larrence, Channel Islands

"An all-encompassing Pass enabling one entry to quality lounges on a worldwide basis irrespective of class of airline seat."
James G. Craigie, Edinburgh, UK

"I do hope to use your services for many years to come."
Jesper Larsen, Denmark

"I enjoy the personal attention I get in the Priority Pass lounges."
John Harshman, Union City, USA

"When traveling, I look forward to spending time in an Airport Lounge as it gives me time to sit back, put up my feet, enjoy a drink and catch up on the news before boarding, what often is, a long haul flight. It can also be a social event as I've met many interesting, like-minded people in Airport Lounges. In fact, I am planning my next trip and look forward to using my great ‘value for money’ Priority Pass card again."
Raj Johal, Sheffield, UK

"As a woman travelling alone on business I find it safer and more comfortable."
Kay Westlake, London

"Provides times to relax in pleasant surroundings and therefore reduces the stress of a long journey."
Peter Lock Northampton, UK

"After a busy day of work, it's good to relax in an air-conditioned, comfortable room. Peaceful and quiet."
Mr. Magnus Palmgren, Sweden

"Provides a good place to gather my thoughts before a business trip or to decompress after a long day of meetings. A quiet moment to read a book or catch up on emails makes the whole travel experience a little less stressful."
M. Crosbie, Dublin, Ireland

"I just wanted to try it out this year, so I joined with a standard membership. I belong to two other lounge memberships but plan to cancel those this year and renew exclusively with Priority Pass Prestige Membership."
Mark Echols, Canby, USA

"We were delighted when we were finishing our holiday in the Maldives and had a very early start and long trip to the airport that we could not believe Priority Pass had a lounge there, my wife and I were absolutely delighted and it made our 10 hour flight a lot easier!"
Mark Hamill, Regional Director, SpenglerFox

"I can choose an alternative when I want it. It gives me the freedom to enhance my travel experience."
Michael Sands, Woking, UK

"I was a member a few years ago, and unfortunately let my membership lapse. It was the worst mistake of my life! I am glad you are still here and I was able to join again!"
Albert Muick, New York, USA

"Access across a wide range of different lounges across the globe."
Peter Jackson, Red E2 Limited, UK

"Excellent service - cannot recommend it highly enough to friends and associates. The lounges are comfortable and the staff helpful."
P.A.R., London, UK

"I am quite new to being a member of Priority Pass, but already travelling is a more enjoyable experience."
Steve Lampett, West Midlands, UK

"I find using the Lounges greatly reduces the stress element of travelling and enjoy the peaceful environment and facilities offered and it does make one feel somewhat privileged!"
Mrs. Susan Spence Clarke, Marbella, Spain

"Showers! I fly from NZ to England via Hong Kong on a regular basis and being able to have a shower and shave in HK makes you feel human again."
Mr. Dave Capamagian, Maidstone, UK

"Waiting wastes time. Priority Pass makes the best use of time."
William Mills, San Francisco, USA

"Buying the membership is one of the best travel related decisions I have ever made."
Richard Archer, Hong Kong.

"Can't imagine how I could do without it now that I have become a member!"
Jens Mogensen Austin TX, USA