Domestic Terminal

Cartagena, Colombia

Terminal Information

There's a café and an ice cream parlor in the main hall. After Security you'll find a pizzeria, a burger bar, a dessert kiosk, a Colombian coffeehouse, a tapas bar and a sandwich outlet. There are also 2 restaurants serving traditional Colombian food. Opening times of food and drink concessions correspond to flight schedules.

You can shop for jewelry and sweets in the main hall connected to the Rafael Núñez Domestic Terminal. A small selection of stores selling duty-free, leather goods, stationery, gifts, toys and souvenirs can be found after Security, along with a small convenience store. Mont Blanc has a dedicated retail outlet.

  • ATMs (main hall)
  • Information points
  • Pharmacy (main hall)

  • Wheelchairs available on request

There's a seafood restaurant in domestic Arrivals; you can get ceviche here, a marinated fish dish popular in Cartagena. The terrace above the Arrivals area is home to 5 food stands.

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  • ATMs
  • Bank
  • Information points
  • Travel agencies

  • Wheelchairs available on request

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